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2hr fire rated riser door for tiled wall areas from Profab Access
VISION 8000 Series Riser Doors
FIRE RATED (up to 2hrs)

The VISION 8000 FR SERIES is a fire rated, high quality concealed riser door, designed to provide a simple yet secure permanent means of accessing building services, where the facade of the door can be clad in different materials including stone marble, ceramic and tile.

Suitable for vertical use into tiled jointless plaster and plasterboard walls, where doors are to be installed prior to tiling. Specified for use in hotels, commercial buildings, domestic or commercial kitchens and bathrooms and shower rooms, where a fire-rated solution is required for discreet access to mechanical and electrical services. All VISION 8000 FR Series riser doors are manufactured to order and are designed to match the specified tile module. This series of fire-rated riser doors can be clad in materials including stone, marble, tile or ceramic for a concealed aesthetic finish or to provide a design that is visually impacting for any project.


Features / Benefits


The welded metal frame holds a metal door tray lined with tile backing board. The door is hinged via fully adjustable concealed hinges and opens out towards the user. It is held closed by either a three point lock (3PL) or a three point high security lock (3HS).

  • CERTIFIRE fire rated up to 120 minutes
  • Bi-directionally fire tested for fire integrity from both sides
  • Visually impacting within an overall design
  • Facade of the riser door can be clad in stone, marble, ceramic and tile
  • Concealed for a seamless aesthetic finish
  • Doors are manufactured to exact tile module
  • Maximum tile and adhesive build depth of 25mm
  • Easy to install and lockable
  • Single door (SD) and double door (DD) configurations
  • High performance range, for vertical use with frame and lock options
  • Fully recyclable at end of life

Panels are manufactured to the exact tile module, that are fully concealed so after installation only the open grout line is visible (TF/TD). A constant grout width gap is maintained between the door and the frame by the load bearing hinge system, with up to 120kg capacity. 

Supplied fully powder coated in matt RAL 9010, with other colours available on request.

Please contact our Technical team on 01827 719051 for more information.


1.5mm thick, factory welded electro-galvanised mild steel with concealed frame flange.

  • Manufactured to suit specific tile module size with rubber compression gasket
  • Powder coat finish matt RAL 9010M as standard


1.5mm thick, electro-galvanised mild steel door tray

  • Lined with tile backing: 12 mm glass reinforced gypsum board
  • Powder coat finish to matt RAL 9010M as standard
  • The door opens towards the user
  • The door is removable if damage occurs or during installation
  • Single door (SD) and double door (DD) configurations.


Available with;

  • 3 point lock (3PL)
  • 3 point high security lock (3HS)


The VISION 8000 SERIES FIRE RATED riser door is fire rated for up to 1hr (8000-1FR) or 2hrs (8000-2FR) - tested to BS EN 1634-1:2000

  • CERTIFIRE third party fire rated.
  • Bi-directionally tested for fire integrity from both sides.

It is designed to not impair the resistance of the rated wall it is installed to.


The VISION 8000 Series, 2 hour fire rated riser door has a standard acoustic rating of 33dB.


Nominal only, actual size is dependent on tile selected.

Available in sizes from 300 x 300 mm minimum to 1050 x 3000 mm maximum for a single door (SD).

Size refers to outer frame.

Measurements shown X x Y;


300 x 300mm - 4kg
300 x 600mm - 7kg
450 x 450mm - 8kg
600 x 600mm - 15kg
600 x 900mm - 22kg
600 x 1200mm - 28kg


Leaf width (minimum) = 300 mm
Leaf height (minimum) = 300 mm

Leaf width (maximum) = 1050 mm
Leaf height (maximum) = 3000 mm


  • All doors hinge along dimension Y
  • Only non-combustible cladding material must be used.
  • The material can be mechanically fixed or bonded using a non-combustible adhesive e.g. Vitcas heat resistant tile adhesive.

Performance Standards VISION 8000 SERIES - FIRE RATED

Fire Rating Fire Rated for 1hr (1FR) or 2hrs (2FR) - third party tested to BS EN 1634-1:2000

Guide Specification VISION 8000 SERIES - FIRE RATED

SUITABILITYSuitable for vertical use where riser door is to be installed prior to tiling. Ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, or shower rooms where discreet access to services is required. All riser doors are manufactured to order and can be designed to suit the specified tile module.
MATERIALFrame 1.5mm / Door 1.5mm thick electro-galvanised mild steel. Door lined with 12mm glass reinforced gypsum board.
DOOR CONFIGURATIONSingle door(SD) and double door (DD) options
FRAME DEPTHOverall frame depth - 76.5mm
GROUTMinimum grout thickness = 3mm
FINISHWhite powder coated frame and door to RAL 9010M (Matt finish)
LOCKConcealed 3 point security lock (3PL) / 3 point lock high security (3HS)
STRUCTURAL OPENINGX and Y dimensions are outside frame sizes. Structural Opening requirement for installation is (X+5mm) x (Y+5mm).
NotesFor technical assistance, please contact our Technical Department on +44 (0)1827 719051

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8000 Series Access Panels for tiled areas

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VISION 8000 Series Fire Rated Riser Doors

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