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GLAS DOR - fire rated glazed steel profile system from Profab Access
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GLAS-DOR is a fire rated glazed steel profile system offering ballistic and intruder resistance and an enhanced acoustic performance.

Custom manufactured in the UK, GLAS-DOR is specified for use in glazed steel doors, sliding doors, partition walls and window sections. It can be found installed in corridors, main passageways and stairwells in a wide range of commercial and municipal buildings including airports, hospitals, hotels, offices, prisons, schools, shopping centres and sports centres.


Features / Benefits

  • Tested for fire resistance for up to 2 hours to BS 1634-1
  • Intruder resistance to BS EN1627 RC2 and RC5
  • Certified to PAS 24, in certain configurations
  • Secured by Design approval, in certain configurations
  • Tested to BS EN 1522 FB3NS and FB7NS for bullet resistance
  • Finger trap gasket tested to BS1634-1
  • Available with insulated and non-insulated profiles
  • Insulated profiles are thermally broken, offer lower thermal ‘U’ values, higher acoustic performance and can be fire rated for both Integrity and Insulation
  • Non-insulated profiles are hollow and only available fire rated for Integrity
  • Option for enhanced acoustic performance up to 55dB
  • Range of door leaf and door frame profiles sizes- 30, 50 and 85mm
  • 20mm narrow profiles and wide profiles - 85, 130, 180 or 260mm available
  • Glazed sliding door sets operated using a Besam Unislide (including LD550494).


Fire resistance is provided by a solid fire resistant insulating core between the steel profiles, which reduces the transfer of heat from the side of the door/wall exposed to fire.

The GLAS-DOR has been tested to BS EN 1634-1.

Glazed steel wall sections manufactured using GLAS-DOR – up to 120 minutes fire integrity (E) and insulation (I).

Glazed steel wall sections up to 3.3m height and with a free edge – up to 120 minutes fire integrity (E) and insulation (I)

Glazed steel wall 4 metres height sections - up to 60 minutes fire integrity (E) and insulation (I)

GLAS-DOR glazed door sets - up to 90 minutes fire integrity (E) and 60 minutes insulation (I)

Double leaf GLAS-DOR sliding doors - up to 30 minutes fire integrity (E) and 30 minutes insulation (I).


The GLAS-DOR glazed steel profile system is tested and approved for fire resistance in combination with intruder resistance, for example, EI 60 and PAS 24.

Glazing and fittings are tested for burglary resistance to EN 356. Type-approved solutions include multipoint locks (MPL).


Maximum section dimensions - 10m x 3m
Maximum door leaf dimensions 1250mm
Maximum opening for bi-parting sliding doors 2210mm

When installing glazed sliding doors the door leaves should not pass over any vertical element, as this would potentially cause damage.

Note that sliding doors should not be installed along evacuation routes, and if appropriate, an emergency exit door should be installed alongside the sliding door.

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Ask about the NovoFire® aluminium system for doors and walls

Performance Standards GLAS-DOR

Quality CNC manufactured to ISO 9001:2015
Acoustic Rating Standard: 35dB Rw/Upgrade options: up to 55dB Rw
BS EN 1634-1:2014 Fire resistance and smoke control tests for door and shutter assemblies, openable windows and building hardware
EN 356 Burglar resistance against manual attack tests for glass in building and security glazing
BS EN 1627:2011 RC2 – RC5 Burglar resistance tests for pedestrian doorsets, windows, curtain walling, grilles and shutters.
PAS 24:2016 Certification for meeting enhanced security performance requirements for doorsets and windows
Secured by Design (SBD) Approval by UK Police initiative to design out crime, doors manufactured by ROBUST UK
BS EN 1522:1999 Bullet resistance tests for windows, doors, shutters and blinds
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Guide Specification GLAS-DOR

SUITABILITYGLAS-DOR can be used in glazed steel doors, sliding doors, partition walls and window sections. Typical applications include corridors, main passageways and stairwells in a commercial and municipal buildings
MATERIALDoor leaf 1.5mm / Door frame 1.2mm corrosion resistant Magnelis© sheets Infill - Self-support resin impregnated honeycomb core with option of mineral wool for improved acoustic performance
CONFIGURATIONGlazed wall sections, glazed doorsets, glazed double leaf sliding doors
DOOR PROFILESDoor leaf and frame profiles available 30, 50 and 85mm
FINISHPolyester powder coated frame and door from standard RAL colour range. Optional finishes - non-standard RAL colours, Stainless Steel brushed, polished or patterned
FIRE RATINGFire rated to BS EN 1634 to EI30, EI 60 and EI 120.
INTRUDER RESISTANTTested to BS EN 1634-1, PAS 24:2016, Secured by Design (SBD)
NOTESFor technical assistance, please contact our Technical Department on +44 (0)1827 719051

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A range of optional finishes are available, please specify at time of order.

  • PPC finished non standard RAL colours
  • Stainless Steel
  • Unfinished for site finishing


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