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ALTA 3000 Series Non Fire Rated Loft Hatch
ALTA 3000 Series Ceiling Panels

The ALTA 3000 SERIES NON FIRE RATED loft hatch is typically specified and used in residential properties to provide permanent access to the roof void.

Suitable for new build or retro-fit. Specify options for frame edge profile and locking to suit your application.


Features / Benefits


The ALTA 3000 Series is a non fire rated ceiling access panel designed to provide access between 50 mm wide timber truss, joisted plasterboard or plaster ceilings, where access to the loft space is required.

  • Clean, discreet design with flush metal door
  • Fast and simple to install, lockable
  • Fully adjustable hinges for ease of installation and fit
  • Rubber compressible draught seals to all sides
  • Etch primed for decorating on site, to match adjacent finishes
  • Single door (SD) configuration
  • Fully recyclable at end of life


1.2mm thick electro-galvanised mild steel, incorporating either a simulated dry wall edge bead or picture frame profile.

  • The metal frame holds a flush metal door through adjustable hinges to one side
  • Adjustable hinges maintain a 2mm gap between frame and door
  • Rubber foam, compressible draught seals to all sides
  • Fully powder coated matt RAL 9010, suitable for finishing on site.


0.9mm thick, electro-galvanised mild steel flush faced tray.

  • Bonded to the door rear is a 70mm rigid insulation board providing a ‘U’ value of 0.38 W/m2K
  • Fully powder coated matt RAL 9010, suitable for finishing on site
  • Door opens down towards the user
  • Removable door during installation or if damage occurs.


The 3000-NFR is available with a choice of two frame edge profiles to suit your application;

  • Beaded frame (BF)

The beaded frame edge profile is suitable for ceilings where the panel is being installed prior to any tape and jointing or skim-coat plastering.

  • Picture frame (PF)

The picture frame edge profile is suitable for retro-fit to ceilings where the panel is being installed after finishing work is complete.

The panel is factory finished powder coated matt RAL 9010, suitable for finishing on site. 


Locks are concealed on the rear of the door but operated from the front face. ALTA 3000 NFR is available with;

  • Push catch (PC)
  • Budget lock (BL) supplied with T-bar key and a white bung for a concealed aesthetic finish
  • Security lock (SL)


The 3000-NFR is a non fire rated product. If a fire rated loft hatch is required, please see ALTA 3000 SERIES - FIRE RATED (up to 1hr fire rating)



631 x 542mm - 8.5kg
746 x 542mm - 9.8kg


All doors hinge along dimension Y

Performance Standards ALTA 3000 SERIES - NON FIRE RATED

Fire Testing Non fire rated product
U value 0.38 W/m2K
Acoustic Shielding 23dB acoustic shielded as standard

Guide Specification ALTA 3000 SERIES - NON FIRE RATED

MATERIALFrame 1.2mm / Door 0.9mm thick electro-galvanised mild steel. Insulation board bonded to the door rear (see U value in Performance Standards)
FRAME EDGEBeaded frame (BF) / Picture frame (PF) (See OPTIONS)
FRAME DEPTHOverall frame depth - 80mm
FINISHFully powder coated matt RAL9010, suitable for finishing on site.
HARDWAREPush Catch (PC) / Budget Lock (BL) / Security Lock (SL)
STRUCTURAL OPENINGX and Y dimensions are outside frame sizes. Structural Opening requirement for installation is (X+5) x (Y+5) mm
CLEAR OPENINGClear available access when installed, with door in open position is (X-65mm) x (Y-35mm) Push catch reduces clear opening of Dim.Y by additional 20mm (localised)
QUALITYCNC manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015
NotesFor technical assistance, please contact our Technical Department on +44 (0)1827 719051

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