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IMAGE 2000 Series plastic access panels provide a simple, economic, non-locking solution for access into walls and ceilings in a multitude of situations.

IMAGE 2000 Series

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Profab’s IMAGE 2000 Series plastic access panel provides easy vertical or horizontal access to building services concealed behind wall and ceiling voids.  This multi-functional access panel offers unhindered access to rodding eyes, stopcocks, valves, or switches. It is a non-locking access panel and can be specified for any application that does not require secure access.

An entry-level, simple and cost-effective access panel the IMAGE 2000 Series is ideal for use in domestic and commercial settings. It can be used in new build projects or for retrofitting after completion of remedial work. The flush plastic door and picture frame (PF) profile make the IMAGE 2000 Series perfect for retrofitting into finished areas.

The IMAGE 2000 Series is simple and fast to install.  The plastic access panels are lightweight which means that most membranes will support the panel weight without requiring any further reinforcement. The plastic access panel has a lightly textured finish and it is suitable for painting or wallpapering on-site.

The door of the IMAGE SERIES 2000 can be easily removed from the frame without the need for tools.  The access panel is a snap-shut, friction-fit design ensuring the door is kept closed without the need for a locking mechanism. It operates on a concealed pivot hinge with the door of the panel opening outward.

The IMAGE 2000 Series is a non-fire rated access panel.  If you require a fire rated solution, please look at our PRIMA 1000 Series access panels.

The IMAGE 2000 Series provides a simple, low maintenance and economic means of accessing building services.

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